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  • Revamp your old furniture without sanding, stripping, or priming with chalky finish Furniture Paint. 

    • Vintage and Restore by K Furniture Paint creates a chalky finish.
    • Our chalky finish Furniture Paint adheres to even the most difficult finishes, with minimal prep needed.
    • Find the perfect chalky finish Furniture Paint color for your project with our most popular shades or create ANY Furniture Paint by using Chalky Finish Paint Powder.

    Our custom blend chalky finish Furniture Paint has been created with the ultimate furniture painting enthusiast in mind. This easy-to-use paint is sure to please all DIYers - whether this is your first time using Furniture Paint or if you are a pro.

    For most projects, sanding, priming and stripping is not needed – it's easy peasy! All you need is to clean the piece with soap and water and you can start painting. Our chalky finish Furniture Paint adheres to the most stubborn finishes, such as, varnish and polyurethane.

    Typically only needing one to two coats, our paint can be easily distressed using various methods such as sandpaper, wet rag, or wax. With a thirty to forty-five minute dry time you can easily paint, distress, and protect your newly painted piece in less than a day. Find the perfect chalky finish Furniture Paint color for your DIY project today.

    Looking for more furniture paint colors to create? Shop our Chalky Finish Paint Powder here

  • Furniture Paint is an easy to use DIY paint that requires no stripping, sanding, or priming of the original surface. Simply start with a clean piece and you are ready to begin.

    STEP 1: Clean the surface

    STEP 2: Apply 1-2 coats of Furniture Paint

    STEP 3: Distress the finish (optional)

    STEP 4: Protect the paint with wax for everyday use or Protective Finish for a scratch resistant surface.

    For detailed instructions and tips, check out our tutorials page.

  • Sizes and Approximate Coverage:

    -32 ounce (Quart): Four person dining table and 4 chairs

    -16 ounce (Pint): Six - Nine Drawer Dresser

    -4 ounce (Sample): Stool or small side table

    Note: approximate coverage assumes 2 coats of Furniture Paint. Coverage may vary depending on the surface it is being applied to and what style of finish you are looking to achieve.

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