Bulk Box #2 - Less than $12 Per Item!

This is your last opportunity! We'll be shutting down the Vintage And Restore By K website no later than the week of October 31st 2021.  All final orders must be placed by Sunday, October 24th.  Don't miss the massive savings on our bulk box deals!


 2 Bags - Chalky Finish Paint Powder (makes up to one gallon of Chalky Finish Paint)

1 Quart - Swiss Vanilla

1 Pint - Denver Slate

1 Pint - Blueberry Lane

1 - 8oz Unscented Furniture Wax

1 - 2" angled paint brush 

1 - 2" oval paint brush 

1 - 1" angled paint brush

1 - 1.5" furniture waxing bush

1 - 1" flat paint brush

1 - 4oz Blueberry Lane

1- 4oz Swiss Vanilla 

1 - 4oz Crisp Cotton 

Note: individual products are no longer available.  The only way to purchase our remaining inventory is through buying a (deeply discounted!) bulk box. Shop all remaining bulk boxes here.


All sales are final.  No substitutions or revisions can be made.  You will receive all products in the photo. Shipping is charged by the box, not by the order. For example, if you buy 2 boxes, and the shipping rate for each box is $14, shipping will be a total of $28.  Shipping is available in the U.S. only and will be automatically calculated at checkout.