Product Replacement Guarantee

We believe the care that goes into packing your order is equally as important as the quality ingredients that make up our products.  That's why we go the extra mile with every order we ship. When you receive your order, you will notice each jar of paint is tightly sealed and protected with shrink wrap or vinyl tape. Every quart can lid is clipped and individually bagged.  And every box is carefully packed full of protective material which provides ample padding for your products so your order arrives safe and sound.  All our packing methods are put through rigorous testing before meeting final approval. 

However, we know no matter how may t's we cross and i's we dot, accidents happen.  In these rare events, don't worry, we've got you covered!  If a product you ordered is damaged during shipping and is no longer usable, we'll replace it at not cost.  Period.  No stress, no hassle. If your pint of paint leaked, we've got your back. If your paint froze on its way to you, no sweat, we'll take care of that too.  That's our Product Replacement Guarantee and it's what sets us apart from our competition.

Did your product get damaged during shipping?  Simply fill out the information below and we'll be in touch with your replacement information within 2 business days.  As always, thank you for your business and trust in Vintage And Restore By K.