Furniture Paint - Getting Started

Where can I buy your paint?

Vintage And Restore By K Furniture Paint is available for purchase primarily on our website.  Click here to shop our line of products.  For a list of other locations, please visit the Where to Buy page.  

What is so great about furniture paint?

We’re so glad you asked! We are certain you will fall in love with our paint…here are a few reasons why…

There is absolutely NO prep needed. No sanding, no stripping – its easy peasy! All you need is a clean surface and you can start painting. Our furniture paint adheres to the most stubborn finishes such as varnish, polyurethane, and even laminate. Paints that are not specially formulated for furniture require more prep, time, and money to ensure a quality, long lasting finish. With Vintage And Restore By K Furniture Paint all it takes is a clean surface and you’re ready to go!

Our paint has been specially formulated by the Owner and Founder of Vintage And Restore By K, Krista. Working in partnership with our local paint manufacture, Krista ensures only the highest quality of ingredients are used. Having been in the furniture painting business for over 8 years, Krista understands what it takes to achieve and how important a high quality paint is for a long lasting finish. We want you to have a piece that will last for years and years. And we promise just that when you choose Vintage And Restore By K Furniture Paint.

Our paint can be easily distressed using various methods such as sandpaper, wet rag, or wax. With a 25-45 minute dry time you can easily paint, distress, and protect your newly painted piece in a few short hours.

This is my first time using furniture paint and I’m nervous I might mess it up – help!

Have no fear! We are here to help. Visit our tutorials page for step by step instructions. For more in depth project tips and tutorials, visit our Painting Tips & Tricks Blog.  Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch with the latest updates. If you have any additional questions, we are happy to help. Use the contact us page of this site to reach out to us.

How much paint will I need?

This is one of the toughest questions to answer because it will depend in the kind of finish you are working with and the surface you are painting (ie: raw wood, old varnish, metal, glass, etc…). Generally speaking, a 16oz size (Pint) of Furniture Paint is enough for a six drawer dresser. If you have a smaller project, such as a stool, the 4 oz size should be more than enough. The quart sizes are best suited for multiple pieces or larger projects (such as a kitchen cabinet redo).

How many coats of paint will it take?

There are several factors to consider when determining how many coats of paint will be needed. Raw wood often times needs only one coat, especially if you are planning on distressing the piece. A piece that has an old varnish/protectant on it usually needs 2 coats. While the majority of projects will land in the 1-2 coat area, in some instances, a third 'touch up' coat may be needed. Usually the touch up coat is most needed in corners. In these cases, paint should only be applied (and blended) where it is needed, versus applying another coat to the entire piece.

What surfaces can your paint be used on?

Another awesome feature of our paint is that it can be used on most surfaces. Wood, metal, fabric, even glass!

Do I need anything after I'm done painting and distressing my piece?

Yes, you will want to protect the newly painted surface by using our All Natural Furniture Wax or our Protective Finish. Use the wax for low traffic surfaces and the Protective Finish for high traffic surfaces such as tables and kitchen cabinets. Our Protective Finish is the most durable finish we carry - and its durable enough to use on floors!

While it is true that chalky finish paints do not need to be protected, keep in mind that an unprotected painted surface is not scratch resistant so your finish will be vulnerable to everyday use.

When should I use wax and when should I use a top coat?

Great question! Protecting your piece is one of the most important steps of furniture painting. We recommend our All Natural Wax for general purpose protection. For high use surfaces, such as tables and kitchen cabinets, we recommend our Protective Finish Satin top coat. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! We offer wholesale pricing to business interested in becoming a retailer. Please fill out the Retailer Application on our site for more information.

Shipping and Orders

How much is shipping?

Most orders ship throughout the US for $6.95.

Furniture pieces and other over-sized items require a custom shipping quote.

How does local pick-up work?

We are pleased to offer complimentary local pick-up at our home base workshop in Denver, CO.  Pickup is available specific days of the week. Please visit the Local Pickup page for additional details and to schedule your local pickup time and date.

How soon will my order be shipped?

We strive to ship out all orders as soon as possible. For paint line items in stock, orders are shipped out in 1-2 business days.  All other products on our site may require additional processing and/or shipping time.  Please visit our Shipping policy page for full details.

Can I change my order?

If you need to make changes to your order, please contact us within 12 hours. Once your order has been processed, it cannot be changed.

Do you accept returns?

Please visit our Returns and Exchanges policy page for all details. We are certain you will absolutely love our high-quality furniture paint line. We want you to have the peace of mind to try it risk free. In the rare event you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us and we will be happy to work toward a solution.

Please note that your computer screen may not show an accurate representation of our colors. We encourage and recommend ordering a hand painted color card if you need a very specific color. We do not refund or accept returns when a customer is unsatisfied with the color of paint they chose.

Do you offer paint samples?

The best way to sample our paint is to purchase a 4 oz jar. Each paint color is available in this size.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! We offer wholesale pricing to business interested in becoming a retailer. Please fill out the Retailer Application on our wholesale page for more information.

Paint Projects and Products

Should I use a special kind of brush?

Yes, for the smoothest finish possible, we recommend Chalk Supply's Krex bristle brush. While most paint brushes will work, the Krex bristles are the best option for minimal brush strokes lines.

Can I mix the colors?

Yes! All our colors can be mixed to create new shades.

Can I use your paint on kitchen and bathroom cabinets?

Yes! Furniture Paint is the perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Best part is, in most cases you won't have to sand, strip, or prime the surface. We recommend using a TSP cleaner (found at most home improvement stores) first to get rid of any gunk or grime. We also recommend using our Protective Finish to protect the cabinets. This will provide a scratch resistant surface. Check out our Painting Kitchen Cabinets blog for instructions on how to paint your cabinets.

How do I get the aged distressed look?

It's simple! After the paint dries, use a 150-220 sanding block and gently rub where you want the paint to come off. Naturally, paint wears on the corners and edges of furniture so focus on those areas.

Can your paint be used on outdoor furniture?

Furniture Paint is made for indoor/outdoor use. What this means is if your piece of furniture will be outdoors, our paint will hold up well on vertical surfaces but may wear sooner on horizontal surfaces. Constant direct sunlight and extreme weather should be avoided. Make sure you use our Protective Finish on any piece that is outdoors for a longer lasting finish.

When I paint something white, why does it turn pink/yellowish?

We feel your frustration! Good news is, there is a fix. Certain types of wood or nicotine residue, may cause the stain to bleed through to the paint, leaving it looking yellow or pink. To avoid this, you’ll need to apply a stain-blocking primer (such as Shellac) before you paint. If you’ve started painting already, you can also apply it over the paint, let it dry and continue painting with a new coat.

How do I care for my newly painted piece?

Avoid chemical based cleaners when possible, especially if you use our All-Natural Furniture Wax. A simple damp cloth will do the trick to keep up on general cleaning. Protective Finish is very durable and can stand a more detailed cleaning with soap and water.  For additional tips on caring for your piece, check out our How to Care for Your Newly Painted Piece blog.