Dark Wax Application For An Antique Finish

In this tutorial, we will show you how to achieve an antique finish using our all-natural dark Furniture Finishing Waxes.


 Antique Look on Furniture and Decor


Always make sure you start with a clean surface. Soap and water will do the trick for the frame we are painting today. For this project, we chose Soft Skies and our All-Natural Black Furniture Wax.




Apply one to two coats of our Furniture Paint to the surface, making sure there are no drips or paint 'pooling' in the corners  Our plush synthetic bristle brush works perfectly when painting a detailed surface like this one.




Allow the Furniture Paint to fully dry. Since we will be using dark Furniture Finishing Wax, recommend time in-between paint and wax time is an hour. We only applied one coat of Soft Skies as we wanted some of the gold to show through.




Using our round wax brush, dab the tip of the bristles into the All-Natural Antique Black Furniture Finishing Wax can. Don't worry too much about how much wax to get on your brush. You can always add more or dab it around the painted surface more to use it all.




Using a short, quick motion, dab the brush onto the surface. You can also use small circular motions to apply it. Avoid brushing it on like you would paint.




Wait a few minutes then buff out the Furniture Finishing Wax using a lint free cloth. When you're done buffing, the surface should feel smooth, not sticky. If it is sticky, or you see globs of wax, do another round of buffing.




Here is a close up of the newly waxed surface! You can see the depth of color it adds to the paint and how it gives it an antique paint finish.

​ A few things to remember: Our wax is all-natural, therefore it may take two to three weeks to fully cure. You may use the surface sooner than that, just be careful. Dark Furniture Finishing Wax is great for home decor pieces and low traffic surfaces. Dark wax should not be applied to chair seats or high traffic areas, such as table tops and kitchen cabinets. Reason being is that the wax is not scratch-resistant and we'd hate for your beautiful work to get scratched and not have the proper protection! For scratch-resistant surface, skip the Furniture Finishing Wax and use our Protective Finish.


Keep your antique paint finish looking like new with these furniture care tips.