Our Story

Our Story


In mid 2014, my husband, Cully, was diagnosed with cancer. Watching the medical bills stack up, we knew we had to do something to mitigate the potential financial stress. We both had full-time corporate jobs, but knew to stay ahead of the curve, we would need to do more. Cully and I are both avid DIYers and we love taking on home renovation projects — I especially love the design aspect.

Watching the trend of selling hand-painted furniture with a chalky finish increase, I decided to open an Etsy shop where I sold refinished and upcycled DIY furniture and home decor. The sales earned from our Etsy shop were a great way to help pay for incoming medical bills. We grew the Etsy shop from only selling pre-made pieces to establishing custom hand-painted orders, custom designed furniture and upcylced bathroom vanities.


Cully was told he had to have a second surgery and it was a big one - eight hours of surgery and a 5 day hospital stay. My corporate job demanded much of my time and the day of the surgery, I found myself in the waiting room, work laptop propped open, stressing about deadlines and making sure I was still available for whatever work tasks needed to be completed.

I watched surgeons come in and out of the waiting room to let families know their loved one was out of surgery. I saw the relief on their faces and the joy they expressed as they followed the surgeon back to see their mom, dad, wife, husband...whoever was waiting for them on the other side of the door.

I looked at my laptop and thought to myself "What am I doing?" My husband is in surgery and I'm worried about work deadlines? It was that moment, I knew my life had to change...and it had to change in a big way. I decided I would no longer allow work deadlines be the reason that I couldn't be fully present for the ones I love.


It was shortly thereafter I launched Vintage And Restore By K Furniture Paint and made it my mission to leave the demanding corporate world to pursue my dream and turn my love for do-it-yourself projects into full-time entrepreneurship. Throughout the end of 2015 and into early 2016, I focused on developing high-quality, easy-to-use chalky finish furniture paint products. Cully and I showcased our furniture paint products at local vintage markets, craft fairs and other events throughout Colorado. I leveraged my extensive experience with do-it-yourself projects to ensure each product produced delivered high-quality performance and consistency.

In November 2016, I achieved the biggest goal I had ever set for myself — quitting the corporate world to enter the world of full-time entrepreneurship!

It's sometimes crazy to think that what started as a part time income stream inspired by a love for do-it-yourself projects evolved into a DIY furniture refinishing and interior decor enterprise! I have the pleasure of spending my days working alongside other like-minded individuals and I couldn't ask for more. Surrounded by amazing people, I am truly living my dream.

In even more amazing news, Cully is cancer-free and we are both committed to keeping our priorities straight and will always remember what matters most — family and the ones you love. He is my rock and I could not do this without him in my life.

Welcome to Vintage And Restore By K. I am thrilled you are here and am honored to have the opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful world of DIY and furniture painting.

Your DIY Partner in Crime, 



At Vintage And Restore By K we empower and promote creativity, self-care, and optimism.  We understand the importance of a sense of overall well-being and we live our core values with the same honesty and integrity we use to handcraft our furniture paint products. We exist to create experiences that build confidence and develop long lasting friendships.