Our Special Offer furniture and cabinet paint kits are the perfect solution to get you started on your do-it-yourself projects. Each kit contains all products recommended for your furniture or cabinet painting project. Simply pick the size of Chalky Finish Furniture Paint needed for your project then choose a protective coating. All kits include one of our signature synthetic bristle Paint&Wax brushes to ensure an easy application and smooth finish.  

Not sure how much paint you will need?  Use this guide to help determine approximate coverage:

4oz | Jar = Small Nightstand or Side Table
16oz | Pint = Six Drawer Dresser
32oz | Quart = Basic Table w/4 Chairs 

Use the Kitchen Cabinet Paint Calculator to help determine how many quarts of Furniture Paint are recommended for your kitchen project.    

For a long-lasting finish, we recommend protecting your newly painted surface. Use our Clear All-Natural Furniture Finishing Wax for general protection. For the most durable protection, skip the wax and use Protective Finish. If you're looking for an antique look, try one of our dark All-Natural Furniture Finishing Waxes — available in black or brown

What's the difference between our All-Natural Furniture Finishing Wax and Protective Finish?  All-Natural Furniture Waxes are best for low traffic surfaces, such as guest room furniture, picture frames and other pieces that won't be used on a daily basis.  Protective Finish offers the most durable protection and is great for high traffic surfaces, like dining room tables and kitchen cabinets. Protective Finish is scratch resistant and is durable enough to use on floors!  For more details on what makes these products different, visit our blog "How to Protect Painted Furniture"