Introducing our biggest product addition yet!

Chalky Finish Paint Powder is a paint additive that transforms flat latex paint into our Chalky Finish Furniture Paint.

The proprietary blend of natural ingredients is what makes our Furniture Paint have that butter-like consistency that our customers know and love.

Now you can now have our silky smooth Furniture Paint in ANY COLOR you want.

Mixing Chalky Finish Paint Powder it is easy...all you do is mix our  Chalky Finish Paint Powder  formula with water.  Stir the mixture into your favorite brand of flat latex paint (any color!) and paint away!

Unlike other DIY recipes and paint additive products, Chalky Finish Paint Powder won’t dry out after mixing it with paint and it won't clump up your paint. It stays fresh and is ready to use again when you’re ready to use it.

Chalky Finish Paint Powder is a cost-effective option. You only use what you need and can store the rest.  


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