Paint & Wax Brushes

Looking for a smooth painted finish?  How about an easy to do wax application?  After many months of research and testing various brushes, Krista hand selected the best of the best brush designs to help make painting and waxing easy and fun. 

For a smooth painted finish on furniture and cabinets, grab one of Chalk Supply's Paint&Wax round brushes.  The brush features advanced synthetic fibers in a vibrant blue shade.  The round head, tapered edge and silky smooth bristles are designed to help eliminate brush stroke lines, leaving you with a beautifully smooth finish every time.  High quality and can hold up to the most frequent furniture painter, Chalk Supply's Paint&Wax brush is our #1 selling brush.  This versatile brush can also be used for wax application.  However, we do recommend separating your wax and paint brushes when completing multiple or large projects. 

For an easy clear or dark wax application, grab one of ChalkPro's EasyWax brushes.  The flat head and semi-firm bristles help grab the wax then spread it around with ease on the newly painted surface.  Durable and sleek, the EasyWax brush is the go to tool for Furniture Wax application. 

Brush care is easy!  Simply wash the bristles with cool water and soap (use soap without lotions or added moisturizers) after each use.  For built up wax, dip the bristles in Mineral Spirits for thirty minutes to an hour to break up the wax before cleaning with soap and water.  Hang the brushes to dry.  To help the bristles keep their form, you may wrap a damp piece of brown Kraft paper around the bristles while the brush is hanging to dry.  With the proper care, cleaning and storage, your brush will last for years to come.