Plush Angled Synthetic Bristle Flat Brush


A Furniture Paint and chalk wax must-have.

  • Our angled head synthetic bristle paint brush is designed to minimize brush stroke lines for a smooth finish.
  • An extremely durable brush that won’t lose it’s form, even after multiple washes.

Are you looking for the smoothest chalky finish possible? Search no more! Our synthetic bristle brush has three key features that ensure minimal brush stroke lines when paired with our chalky finish Furniture Paint. The tapered edge, synthetic bristle, and soft white bristle tip all help achieve a sleek, smooth finish. 

The synthetic Furniture Paint brushes are easy to clean and the bristles will stay true to form wash after wash. Incredibly durable and easy to work with, our synthetic bristle brush is a must-have for all of your do-it-yourself projects. Get yours today.

  • Plush synthetic bristle 
  • Available in 2" angled head 



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