{Guest Blog} How to Paint, Distress, and Wax Furniture




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A few months ago I decided to paint an old dresser to spruce it up for my son’s room.  I had no idea what I was doing, nor what to buy in order to do the job. Posts on Pinterest helped and I loved the step by step blogs I found that had pictures so I could see what they were trying to explain to me. Now that I have found the love of painting and distressing furniture I want to share the love and knowledge I have gained to help out others just getting started. I found this plant stand being thrown out on someone’s corner and took of advantage!  It had some nice details and was begging for some paint!





Recently I had the opportunity to use a new chalky paint and furniture wax that I absolutely fell in love with!  Vintage and Restore By K. It was so easy to work with and made the job quick and easy!




Not only does chalk paint make it extremely to distress, it also requires no stripping, sanding, or priming! Honestly, I have painted several pieces of furniture and a little soap and water to clean is as far as I have ever went when prepping. Just clean, let dry, and start painting.




Two thin coats is all you need. I usually criss-cross my strokes to create nice texture when applying the dark wax.




After the paint is completely dry, use a medium grit sandpaper on the edges to scuff it up. Do as little or as much distressing as you desire, depending on what you want your finished product to look like.






Now to finish the job with wax.  I always use a clear coat on the entire piece then a coat of dark wax. If the application of dark wax ends up being to dark, you can add more clear wax to take some of the dark back off.  This only works if you have a clear application under the dark wax. I used 100% natural wax by Vintage and Restore By K.  It is soft and easy to work with and smells good too!


Apply the wax sparingly with a wax brush and then wipe excess off with a lint free rag. After a few minutes you buff to the desired shine. Additional layers of wax can be applied until the level of protection you are seeking has been achieved.


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