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Clean before You Paint – That’s the Mantra

March 12, 2017

Clean before You Paint – That’s the Mantra

Buying second hand furniture, or simply revamping your old favorites, it is never a bad idea to paint it. So, whether it is your favorite chair, the old kitchen cabinet, or the perfect wall painting with an old frame, you can turn it into some best-looking vintage or distressed pieces or art, simply by repainting with the easy-to-use Furniture Paint from Vintage And Restore By K. But, before you go on a painting spree, there is one very important task that you must accomplish – cleaning the surface.

This is one step that people usually undermine, but mind you, if you go wrong here, the results can be pretty disappointing. A wash with soap and water may suffice for many surfaces, and that is usually the premise for Furniture Paint from Vintage And Restore By K. However, with those surfaces which have tough dirt or coats of the passing time on them, there is a need for something more than soap cleaning.

Cleaning with Mineral Spirits

Some odorless mineral spirit is the best bet for cleaning up tough surface. Old towels and t-shirts can come in very handy for wiping the surface with mineral spirit.

  • Slightly dampen the rag. Make sure it is not dripping.

  • Real mineral spirit rather than green mineral spirit is more preferred. (The green spirits have a milky white appearance, and speaking by experience, they do not work as well as the real ones.)

  • Apply the spirit onto the rag just like you apply nail polish remover onto a cotton swab. Do that for different areas on the rag, so that we have a sort of uniform application.

  • Now start wiping the surface of the article with this rag in the direction of the grain (in case of wood) to remove all the dirt, dust and grease, especially in case of kitchen cabinets. This is an effective technique for bath, garage and kennel as well because these places tend to be the dirtiest.

  • When you are done with that, allow a few minutes’ time for the mineral spirit to evaporate off the surface.

Then Comes the Water Rinse

Once you have made sure that all residual dirt and grease has been removed by mineral spirit, you will notice that the spirit evaporates after a few minutes leaving no trace at all.

  • Now is the time when you give the surface a water rinse to make totally free of any residues that may have been left behind.

  • Then simply let it dry and wipe with a soft clean cloth, if needed, for corners, and crevices.

  • You could wait for up to a day before going ahead with painting. This will leave the surface free of all the mineral spirit residue, which in turn will give you the best paint finish.

Cleaning with TSP

There are people who use and recommend cleaning with TSP (trisodium phosphate). 

TSP was the order of the day before the 1970’s, only for cleaning walls prior to painting them. And it served a good purpose there; it fixed the gloss of the paints that were oil based, thus making it coarser so that the next coat can stick well.  So, TSP is a good option, especially if you are working with a surface that currently has an oil based paint/top coat on it. 

You Have another Option

You can also use denatured alcohol, diluted with water in 60-40 ratio, and use it in the same manner as you use mineral spirit on a rag.

Mineral Spirits or TSP are both good ideas. However, Furniture Paint from Vintage And Restore By provides a quality finish and strength, even with soap cleaning. But, just remember, cleaning and rinsing are two very important steps before you paint your furniture or cabinets.

Your turn!  What is your preferred method of cleaning before using Furniture Paint? 

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