What is Chalk-Based Paint Used For?

Chalky finish paint — you may have heard the term, read about it in magazines, or seen it at your local boutique, but what is chalk-based paint? What makes it different than regular latex paint? And when should it be used? Well, my friends, we will cover all three of those questions (and more!) right now.

What is Chalk-Based Paint?

Let’s start off with the term by how it is known today. Chalk-based paint (or chalky finish paint) is most commonly known as a home decor or art style paint used to update outdated furniture and kitchen cabinets. It gets its name due to the chalky, matte-like finish it provides, once dry to the touch.

The main benefits of using a chalk-based paint is that sanding, priming, and stripping of the original finish is not required. What??!?!? Yes, you read that right….chalk-based paints take the messy prep work out of do-it-yourself projects. This is the main reason it is highly regarded as the best paint for furniture and cabinets.

You can achieve many different looks with chalk-based paint, ranging from distressed or antiqued to sleek and modern. While each brand of chalk-based paint may vary, often, you can use various furniture finishing waxes or water-based top coats to seal and protect the newly painted surface.


What Makes Chalk-Based Paint Different than Latex Paint?

I won’t drag out this part of the answer, because it is quite simple. Bottom line is, the regular ‘ol paint you find on the shelf at your local hardware store won’t perform the same way as chalk-based paint. Sanding or stripping and/or primer would typically be needed for regular latex paint. 

Additionally, most regular latex paints won’t adhere to an already finished surface. Without the proper prep work, regular latex paints are known to curl, bubble, and/or crack during application. Even in cases when you can get regular latex paint to adhere, the adhesion will only last so long before it will start to peel off —and not in the cute, distressed, shabby chic way….but more like in random, odd, and never where it should have peeled off sort of ways.

Are you starting to see how chalk-based paint can save you time, money, and the headache of figuring out what list of products and tools you need for your do-it-yourself project? Chalk-based paints really can save the day….’er project!


Chalky Finish Furniture Paint Benefits

To keep things simple, here is where I am going to speak to our brand, Vintage and Restore By K chalky finish Furniture Paint. The benefits and product information can vary brand to brand so if you have a specific question about a project, keep in mind the brand of products you used.

Vintage And Restore By K Furniture Paint is known for its silky smooth “butter-like” application. In fact, this is the #1 reason customers prefer our chalky finish Furniture Paint over other chalk-based paint brands. They love the creamy consistency of our Furniture Paint; it’s not tacky, like other chalk-based paints, yet still has the adhesion power required to stick to already finished surfaces. This makes it desirable for both experienced furniture painters and those taking their first steps into furniture painting! It's also why we believe it to be the best paint for furniture and cabinets in the marketplace today.

Along with the ease of use, our chalky finish furniture paints are non-toxic, contain no harmful chemicals, are low VOC so they are completely safe to use indoors. When using Vintage And Restore By K Furniture Paints, you can rest assured that you will not be exposed to anything that would be deemed harmful to your health. Additionally, all Vintage and Restore By K products are proudly made in America — Denver, Colorado to be exact 😉


When Should Chalk-Based Paints be Used?

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Didn’t we answer this question already? Well, yeah we pretty much did! But, in summary, chalk-based paints should be used for do-it-yourself projects where traditional latex paints won’t do the trick.  For example, wood furniture projects where there is an existing finish, kitchen or bathroom cabinet projects, (read about painting your kitchen cabinets here), or any other wood piece of furniture/décor you can think of! 

Because of the adhesion power, Furniture Paint can be used on other surfaces like metal, glass (click here to learn how to paint glass), wicker, and even fabric!  With the right furniture painting techniques, chalk-based paint can be used to transform almost any furniture or décor in your home. In many cases, it is a cost-effective, low-risk way to DIY your way into your dream space!


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