Top Trending Furniture Paint Colors for Your Home

by Krista Howard February 06, 2019 3 min read

Top Trending Furniture Paint Colors for Your Home

Try a Google search for painted furniture ideas or top furniture paint colors and you are instantly bombarded with thousands of pictures and blogs.  Although there are limitless resources when it comes to painted furniture ideas and top trending furniture paint colors, it is always a bonus when you come across one resource that can inspire you and answer questions like, “What do I need to get started when painting furniture?” and “What is the best paint to use on furniture?”, or the age old question “How to prep furniture before painting it.”

So today I share not only the top trending furniture paint colors but I’ll also share our most popular chalky finish furniture painting resources.  Refinishing furniture with chalky finish Furniture Paint is a breeze, which is why it is my #1 go to when I’m wanting to redesign a space in my home and for a clients home (or business!).  

Top Trending Furniture Paint Colors For Your Home


The beauty behind chalky finish Furniture Paint is you don’t have to sand, strip or prime the original surface.  Most projects are as easy as a simple clean up with soap and water and you’re ready to paint. A little goes a long way and dry time is super quick (like 20 minutes quick).  You can easily transform a piece (or even an entire room!) in a few short hours.

Top Trending Furniture Paint Colors

Hands down the most popular furniture paint color is Crisp Cotton.  Why? Because it is clean, crisp, simple and goes with anything! The beautiful dresser below was painted by Casa Carla Furniture Art:

Color: Crisp Cotton  Top Furniture Paint Colors

Next in line is Cast Iron...for a true deep black color, Cast Iron does the trick.  Or, Cast Iron mixed with Blueberry Lane is growing increasingly popular. This custom mix is perfect popular for those looking for a black shade with a navy undertone. And, mixing colors is as easy as it sounds - just mix whatever colors you’d like to create any shade you want!  The vintage cair below was painted with 4 parts Cast Iron, 1 part Blueberry Lane, giving off an oh so subtle undertone:

Color Show: 4 Parts Cast Iron, 1 Part Blueberry Lane. Top Furniture Paint Colors

A traditional gray is always an excellent go to with any furniture paint makeover.   Charcoal Furniture Paint is the star of the show below. Denver Slate (see it here) is a newer shade of gray added to our chalky finish Furniture Paint line and it our #2 gray shade when it comes to chalky finish Furniture Paint colors.

Color shown: Charcoal | Top Furniture Paint Colors

Now it's time to throw some true color into the mix. Mauvelous is a beautiful mauve shade that is perfect for those looking to add a bit of fun to their space.  It’s great on smaller home decor pieces and furniture.  This wood tray was turned from drab to fab by The Pink Moose: 

Color Shown: Mauvelous | Top Furniture Paint Colors

You can’t go wrong with red.  Heartthrob is a rustic red shade perfect for industrial themed rooms or beautiful when combined in a color themed room of red, yellow and blue shades:

Color Shown: Heartthrob | Furniture Paint Colors

And now for my absolute favorite color...this color took off like crazy last month….why?  Well my best guess is because color choices are oftentimes influenced by the Pantone color of the year.  And the Pantone color of the year for 2019 is living coral! So it only makes sense that Lobster Bisque would become incredibly popular:

Color Shown: Lobster Bisque | Top Furniture Paint Colors

Top Chalky Finish Furniture Paint Resources

As promised, below are the top resources for using chalky finish Furniture Paint.  These resources are easy to follow and are fairly quick reads...because after all, furniture painting should be quick and easy (and fun, of course).

If you are new to the concept of chalky finish Furniture Paint, check out this blog on what chalk-based paint is used for.

For those looking to start their furniture painting journey, head over to our product instructions page and check out our Furniture Painting Step By Step tutorial.

Not sure what products you should get for you project? We’ve got you covered here too!  Take a peek at our Furniture Paint Shoppers Guide.

Last but not least, our FAQ page is a one stop shop for questions related to how much paint you’ll need, general project tips and more.

What’s your favorite shade of paint for furniture? Drop it in comments below!  

Until next time,


Krista Howard
Krista Howard

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