When to Seal Painted Furniture

Protecting your newly painted treasures can ensure long lasting quality…but is it necessary to protect every piece you paint?  If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, this blog is for you!

The beauty of chalky finish Furniture Paint is it can be used on all kinds of surfaces; wood, metal, glass, wicker, even fabric.  There are two questions to ask yourself when determining if you should protect your painted piece:

  • What surface are you painting?

  • How will the painted piece be used?

For high traffic surfaces, such as dining room tables, bookshelves, etc… yes, these should always be protected.  When high traffic surfaces are  protected, it will help the overall finish quality and your work will last for years to come.

For décor items, such as picture frames hung on the wall, jewelry boxes, etc… I say it’s your choice whether you want to protect those items.  The exception to this rule is if you are selling the décor you’re painting.  In these cases, I recommend you always protect the pieces, so your customer receives a piece that will last with minimal concern for the long-term care of the item.

If you are still on the fence about protecting your painted piece, keep in mind that chalky finish Furniture Paint dries to a matte finish.  Because of this, dust tends to naturally be attracted to it. If you have (for example) a painted piece on the wall, but it’s in an area where more dust is generated (ie: near an exterior door), it may be wise to protect the surface to make for easier cleaning and maintenance.

If you've made the decision to protect your painted piece, you may be wondering how you should protect the surface.  I’ve got you covered there too!  In short, there are two ways to protect painted pieces; All-Natural Furniture Wax or Protective Finish.  Read about these products and when you should use each by heading over to our blog, How to Protect Painted Furniture.

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